Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I'll keep it short the intro short this year. One word: Zombies.

The Loving Dead

Consumerism run amok;
A story every year.
Right up until we're out of luck
We run into our fear

That suddenly we lose all hope,
Infected by our state;
The zombies now rise up and scope
If brains are on their plate.

And yet I wonder why we care
When love is now on view,
Undead walk on as on a dare
To show the very few.

Apocalypse, in Zombie style,
Shows we can be prepared,
Yet Valentine’s Day sees this trial
Played out as if we shared

A reason why undead rose up
Throughout the world we know.
Did we not fill a certain cup
To signify our woe?

The walking dead, who wish us harm
Desire to eat their fill,
And yet we only feel alarm
When zombies make the kill.

Well, some of us have stockpiled so
To take out these undead.
But can we say that what we know
Will put us all ahead?

For this I know, if love be true,
These zombies stand no chance.
And suddenly, out of the blue,
There is no zombie dance.

What was consumed, but at a price,
We can now rest assured,
That Valentine’s Day is no vice,
And renders us all cured.

        -James Morris, February 14, 2013