Friday, October 12, 2012

Emoticats 2012 update

So there was my post from 2007 about Japanese emoticats. In 5 years times, of course, culture has refined, distilled, and crystallized what emoticats look like today:
Some things have changed, naturally. A little miffed that the clumsy Maru didn't make it in this collection.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Rant 2012 Version

Hmm...must be an election year. Nothing spectacular with this one: Ballad Verse, an election theme, jaunty mood. I knocked it out in a couple of hours. Hope you enjoy it!

The Election”

Election time is near at hand,

With candidates now known.

Debates revealed who's up, who's down,

Who's strong and who is prone.

Though Chocolate started off real fast,

His star began to fade

When sweets became an albatross;

“Bad for your health,” they said.

Poor Teddy Bear was as ill-starred,

A darling from day one;

But whispered through the whole campaign,

“He's soft,” and he was done.

Now Flowers thought he stood a chance,

And ran on issues green;

But money ties to Big Ag Biz

Lost votes he thought he gleaned.

The Greeting Card ran from the front,

And thought he'd sealed the deal;

But Tech and Conservation woes

Combined to lose appeal.

As runners peeled off one by one,

A Dark Horse soon arose;

Heart-felt Affection, grassroots style,

Had shot up in the polls.

But now it's time to make your choice.

Which candidate holds sway?

Elect the gift most worthy of

Serving Valentine's Day.

James Morris, February 14, 2012