Friday, October 17, 2008

Geek Trenches #25: The Office Move

Say you've established geek cred in your company, even in a company run by geeks (yeah, believe me, all the jokes about software programmers not really being geeks are true). What happens when you're office location goes through a move? Panic sets in, just how are they going to abuse me?! Never mind that for months you've been told from the CEO all the way down to your immediate supervisor that you're "just another employee", "we've got it covered", "just expect to do what everybody else is supposed to, pack up your cube, etc."

Moving day comes...

Training room PCs have been moved the night before, how do we check that they all work (boot up, network connectivity, etc)? boss and the Crystal Enterprise admin are slated to go over and check that today...and I get "volunteered" to go to the new office with them (never mind that, as I pointed out, I'm just supposed to pack my cube today)...The Crystal Enterprise admin never had admin rights to the training room server to begin with. My boss doesn't have domain admin rights, either. Good thing I "was there" to grant those rights, because the Crystal Enterprise service was down, and someone needed to restart the service. And what else do we discover? Bad data ports...on half the jacks in the training room. I gave up my lunch to do "help out". So, we go back to the old office and my boss reports to the veeps "in charge" of the move about the bad ports.

Yep, I have just enough time to wolf down a Clif bar, and actually pack up my PC and peripherals before I get "volunteered" again to go back to the new office for the second time today. This time? Check every data port in the office.


Now I have a blister on my thumbs from jacking in and out a cat5 plug into over 150 data ports. I was supposed to be having a beer with my peers at 3pm, but nooooo....

And tomorrow, I get to go back to the office again, along with all the other staff, to set up all my stuff in my cube...I wonder what new and lovely surprises will be in store for me?

Cursed by competence...