Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Animaniacs" AND "Pinky and the Brain" Vols 1 = ZORT!!!!

Update: Pinky and the Brain Vol. 1 will also be released on July 25.  Here's the link to the official press release from Steven Spielberg Presents.

Seriously, this practically assures that geeks of certain age will not see the light of day for at least a month. As Pinky would say, "Naaarrrffff...poit".  Egad, indeed.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Animaniacs DVD Vol. 1: Already Hyperventilating

Oh man, it's finally's like the rapture.  Animaniacs episodes are finally (finally!!!) coming to DVD.  Release Date July 25th:

You can't even imagine my exuberance.  Let the anvils ring!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Star Wars Fans, mark September 12th on your calendars

Okay, so if you're a Star Wars uber geek, you already own all 6 movies on DVD, including the special editions of episodes I, II, and III that came out in 2004. But on September 12, you'll want to buy the "Limited Editions" of these movies on DVD. See here for my earlier ranting lunacy.
Granted, the original theatrical versions of the movies are added as Bonus Material, but still, we've been waiting for these movies since 1997 when all we got on VHS or Laser Disc was Lucas' "original vision" . Snap these babies up before their go back into the vault on December 31.
Note: Some bloggers are completely misinformed that you can only get the theatrical version in Full Screen. Dumbasses. The released artwork of the DVDs clearly shows that the Wide Screen format will also be available.