Monday, November 07, 2005

A little wrap of SoCal

So I was looking through Mike's pics of his cycling group's La Tuna Canyon ride and was thinking "That's a lot of tight spandex...on the dudes! Where the 'eck are the pics of the dudettes' behinds...cheeky monkey" and then I saw that one pic of them hanging out at Baja Fresh. And then I was thinking "Gawd Dayum, I'm jonesing for a Baja Fresh burrito!"
I need me some Baja beans, not pinto...mmm...some verde sauce...whoa those salivary glands are kicking into high gear! I wonder what it would cost to open a Baja Fresh franchise in Chicago. *hmm...note to self, look up franchise info on Baja Fresh's corporate page* All we got is McDonald's version, Chipotle *meh...s'okay* Definitely gotta go to Baja Fresh when I'm back in SoCal.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

PAC 10 Boy in a Big 10 World

Full Disclosure - I have rooted against the Big 10 for as long as the first day I finally figured out that there were regional conferences in College Sports (around age 6, I think), and I rooted for UCLA just because my dad was rooting for USC (and I've reinforced the instinct to root against USC by going to a Catholic high school where it was a tacit requirement to root for Notre Dame - who doesn't remember 1988?). If you don't like college sports, then...I feel sorry for you *heh* It's about the only excuse for Americans to act provincial (i.e. Acting out regional standards - remember those?) without the PC police labeling you a sectarian or *gasp* a Libertarian.
So UCLA, one of the last undefeated teams in the country before today, got stomped on today by Arizona, a 2 and 6 team that UCLA had no business losing to, and certainly not 52 to 14. Oh, you ask, did you see it on TV? Glad you asked, oh voice in my head, because you're a darned good excuse for a blog entry. No, I didn't see it on the Tee Vee. I had to see it AS A NEWS SCRAWL ON ESPN!!! Oh, v.i.m.h (that's Voice In My Head) asked, why wouldn't the Tee Vee, like CBS, ABC, (NBC only shows home Notre Dame games, so I don't list them here), Fox Sports Net, ESPN, ESPN2, and TBS (when did TBS get into the business of televising College Football Games, huh???) air such a game with National and BCS implications? Well, v.i.m.h, the only kind of football I could watch ALL DAY (except, thank God {not a joke} that Notre Dame was playing at home today on NBC), was Big 10 football. Every channel. Yeah, I really want to watch Ohio St practice genocide on Illinois...40 to 2...such a nationally important game to show, what with illinois being 2 and 6, and 0 and 5 against their own conference.
Yeah, I know, oh v.i.m.h, I live in Chicago. I should be used to seeing Northwestern on the Tee Vee just because their up ter road in Evanston, and maybe friends, neighbors, and alumni want to see their Big 10 schools. Well. Screw that! I want to see my Pac 10 teams! Especially when they're making news! ESPN is cable channel! When did they have to start playing this "Regional Action" game that the Broadcast channels like CBS, NBC, and ABC have to abide by? What we're seeing, actually, is the "new" business model of cable. Cable doesn't want to win the battle of nielsen ratings. They've given up that fight. What's the best national TV rating that a cable show ever got? Quick, you won't need 2 digits to report it. So what does Cable do now? "Targeted" viewing. Which means, regional viewing habits. Why is that important? Advertising dollars. And it's more pernicious than that. Did you know that if my neighbor and I are watching the same cable show, at the same time, with the same cable provider, we wouldn't see the same commercials? Yeah, that's right...that cable box is doing more than just preventing pirates from stealing cable. It's recording my channel surfing habits. If I fit a certain model of viewer, I get all the Video Game, Tech, and Beer ads matter WHAT channel I'm on. Yep, I'll be on the Oxygen channel (Hey, I can't help it if it's in between the History Channel and The Learning Channel!), but what commercials am I seeing? The AXE effect...or the Coors Twins...or an ad for the South Park DVD collection (season 5, baby!). Yeah, even though the show might be some gyno-warrior approved movie on a female-targeted cable channel, I'm going to see a Gilette ad (the best a MAN can get), or, totally crazy, a Just For Men commercial (don't get me started on why that damn Enzyte commercial follows me everywhere...).
So here's my question. If I can get commercials based on my demographic, why can't I get my Pac 10 games? It's only a matter of time when actual broadcast content will by tailored to the viewer, and not just ads. I'm still debating with v.i.m.h whether that's a good thing.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Revenge of the Star Wars Nerds: Episode II

In response to the ground swell of interest for a release of the Theatrical versions of Episodes IV, V, and VI on DVD (right now you can only get them on VHS, like on eBay, or Laser Disc, like from a crazy guy in Japan):

"Lap Ti Nek"

And a retraction:

"Han, mi buki."